Gachapon Exp

2020 is the first-ever creative experiment of the Virtual Renaissance X (VRX), organized by ADOR. GachaPon is an opportunity for artists and collectors to experience a community-centered curation event around unique, limited-edition works that can take art further into this next digital frontier.

These events will highlight artists and their…

Chic-a-dee Release

One event for the next generation:

Hatch’em, Trade’em, Keep’em, Frame’em

***Legendary chics can only be claimed***

What came 1st? The CHIC or the egg? What if a multidimensional phenomenon caused both to appear at the same time…

The day has come for the CHIC to lay the digital egg. #HATCHSIX

It has been a wild year and NFTs have been the talk of the town. Everyone wants to make them, some want to collect them, but most of these virtual items sell out before you can get to the webpage.

This is where loyalty and VIP perks come into play…

Its been an exciting roller-coaster the past year, we all are staying safe and sound physically and mentally…

As we predicted, the virtual collectible space has seen some incredible growth and recognition in a short time, with way more space to grow! The trend seems to be as each reputable…

We are ecstatic about the public response to our Farming event! Here is the most recent conversation with an enthusiastic supporter!

Early Supporter:

Do you have any plans to make more people know about ADOR?

Team ADOR:

Yes! We have PR and organic marketing strategies lined up this month and next quarter.

Early Supporter:

I am very interested… How do I know this platform will succeed?

Team ADOR:

Our vision is 100 years and beyond! We know for true…

ADOR- LTE opens because human expression is essential.

What we mean by this is the curious & creative nature of humanity needs to thrive daily in order for life to have a high quality and meaningful life.


The traditional art, fashion, film, dance, and music industry models…


Innovative Creationist

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