A new crypto frontier: Getting the Zest Back into your life

True joy, satisfaction, and happiness will occur in your life when you devote yourself to serving others. I became a Physician and Athletic Trainer so I could help others to be the best they can be. At the end of a long day of treating and teaching patients, I don’t ever feel tired, but refreshed. When people realize that your heart and soul is in elevating those that need assistance, the appreciation and gratitude you receive is greater than any financial or material rewards that will come your way.

Over the past 20 years of being a student, intern, and eventually running my own Chiropractic clinic, I have always led a group of family, friends, patients, and staff in either hosting or participating in events and fundraisers that raise awareness and finances for those in need, including; Special Olympics, Autism Speaks, ALS events, and many other institutions. As an athlete and coach, I volunteer to coach my childrens sport teams, as well as other sporting events to help our young people to be the leaders of the now and future. I have also had the opportunity to go the Phillippines and help with an organization that provided medical and much needed assistance to an impoverished region that had suffered a devasting natural disaster.

I treated people non stop for 7–8 hours at a time without a break and overall
approximately 15–16 hours per day for 4 days. As stated earlier, I felt more energized, as did many of the other workers after these long shifts.
Recently, as I was looking at financial investment opportunities, I was introduced to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

I am very new to this burgeoning industry and I have been learning all that I can. As I have seen the different projects in my journey, I was introduced to the “Zest Foundation” This was among a number of other companies that were utilizing the blockchain technology to help usher in this new era. While these other organizations all had very noble ideas, I found that Zest proposed the same ideals that I have lived with my entire life.

They are based on creating the greater good in our community, countries, and world. By creating goodwill by helping others, we will help ourselves become better parents, children, and citizens. Not only have I found an organization where I can help them and myself grow financially, but we will teach and learn to make our world a happier and more prosperous place.

W. Anthony Yoshino DC, CSCS

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