ADOR OPENs: Expression is Essential

Innovation welcome…

Token Debut:

Official contract “0x099f95b0694A0D808f7C6c46A621f4E5E5E36dF5”

We are proud to say that our Lovely Developers have returned safely from the protests and riots, and we can now continue progress with our platform. We have decided to mint an erc20 token: 99,999 $ADORs and no more will ever be created.


Because the human expression is essential and because the traditional art, fashion, film, and music industry models are not set up in favor of the creators; also the GIG economy needs a new angle for entrepreneurs to thrive sovereignly. ADOR aims to be a digital alternative for traditional and virtual creators looking to build their online presence, residual income, and “Virtual Inventory”.

Blockchain has allowed some of the most innovative collaborations worldwide in the money market industry, and more recently cryptocurrency has fast-tracked a lot of exciting scenarios that many can benefit from today. Point and case, anyone with access to the internet can obtain and send bitcoin around the globe to anyone they desire. This means a Virtual Transfer of Value (VTV) can now cross borders and any other barriers that may hinder an unbanked society.

ADOR sees this industry as a way for essential creators to communicate and monetize their efforts with the global community. Post pandemic, physical gatherings will look and feel different while virtual meetups can be held by almost anyone worldwide. A few popular sites currently allow creators to set up shop and sell their digital goods, but a small amount of them allow companies and individuals to hire these talented individuals; Some also have hefty fees, while others have a one-tracked mindset that may be too narrow to survive the next 5 years. aims to embrace the creator and the community by providing a FAIR and open-sourced space for equality & growth. Currently, we have set eight categories for our token distribution for the next decade; as the technology evolves, so will we.


Early Supporter “Fair Token Launch”

$ADORs Token Farming — Liquidity & Community

NFT farming

Marketplace, Artist profiles and “Waves & Drops”

Gigs, auctions & bids; creator minting contracts

ADORLAND & Adorables

Scale & Adoption

We see the need to have a solid community and token, as an essential foundation for ADOR’s success!


12.3% pool for early supporters (approx. 12,321 $ADORs)

20% pool for Creators (approx. 18k $ADORs)

30% pool for Farming (approx. 30k $ADORs)

10% pool for Community & brand awareness (approx. 10k $ADORs)

22% pool for development and partnerships (approx. 20k $ADORs)

2.5% pool for Acceleration & Assistance (approx. 2.5k $ADORs)

2.5% pool for Expansion (approx. 2.5k $ADORs)

Remaining $ADORs pooled for vault/reserve (approx. 3900 $ADORs)

So how does one obtain $ADORs?

We are currently running a few tests for our contracts internally, no one on the team has a locked or awarded amount of $ADORs based on position. Everyone must contribute in order to start earning $ADORs initially.

For the next ten years, there will be a monthly scheduled amount to claim based on actions that further the ADOR platform.

(Companies can purchase $ADORs if they wish to hire an artist or acquire virtual items!)

In the past few months, the community has stepped up in a big way! Our Twitter and telegram have grown steadily. Our GENEsis creators have participated in our 1st campaign, event a few influencers, and a PR company has spread incredible things about our “GachaPon Exp” campaign!

For these humbling efforts, we will have several snapshots set for rewarding early community creators & members, based on any value they add to the ADOR community. (approx. 20K $ADORs reserved)

1st Snapshot taken from all “ADOR NFT Holders, GachaPon Holders, GENEsis Creators, Contributing Developers, Influencers & PR firms, and ADOR partners.

2nd Snapshot fast approaching: “To be eligible acquire a GachaPon & ADOR NFT, or join the community and submit ART, Music and other rare creations, Contribute to our Dev team, Promote ADOR on Top websites, email


We welcome Artisia to our virtual community! As a huge supporter of traditional artwork, ADOR welcomes the Artisia community to our new age “Virtual Renaissance! With their upcoming ARTZ token sale, we will reward the top participants with exclusive NFTs that will have numerous use-cases with the rollout of our platforms. Many more exciting details will be revealed soon!

Some of our early supporting partners

WHAT WOULD SATOSHI DO?” In the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto (BTC), Andre Cronje (YFi), and Hayden Adams (UNiswap), we value the global community's input.

That being said we introduce a few pooling events to kickstart our ecosystem: First Pool up (community farm pool event — approx. 30k $ADORs reserved)

  1. We want to get ADORs in the hands of its supporters first. So we are allowing 111 “$ADORs/ETH LPs” to share a pool of 12,321 $ADORs. If you would like to be the 1st to stake ETH for one year in the $ADORs LP program, Contact our team at

(After we fill this initial “Early Supporter” phase we will open our first farming contract to the UNISWAP & BALANCER community!)

  • *1 year— 111 $ADORS (released after 1year; 12,321 $ADORs pool)
This NFT will give access to a secret VIP chat group


2. Next, the $ADORs token pool will open, all you need to do is add liquidity to the $ADORs-ETH pair on uniswap and Balancer and stake those LP/BPT tokens on our site here: (locked farming for 90 days; 33,333ADORs pool)

Now you may be wondering what to do with your newly minted $ADORs. Well, we think a community liquidity pool event should be held here!

3. We will also allow the uniswap community to have a chance at farming $ADORs. As the initial UNISWAP “Liquidity Mining EVENT” ends, users can stake Univ2-LP tokens on our platform here:

(Receive rewards, 90day 11,111 $ADORs pool)

As these three liquidity events rollout, we will release our NFT portal and open the virtual marketplace where you can FARM KEYs!

(If the community wants to hold an $ADORs sale we can vote with “KEYs”)

Well, you must stake $ADORs, UNIv2 LP, or Balancer LP tokens on our site, we may also open up $UNI, $DAI.

(11KEYs/day, KEYs will be nontransferable and burned to place a vote or purchase NFTs)

4. KEYs farming (11KEYs/day, NFT boosters 22KEYs/day)
(90days boosted farming event; 11,111 $ADORs)
$ADORs pool
UNI-V2 LP pool
BAL BPT pool

KEYs will have a few utilities on our platform, at first they will be mainly for voting and purchasing our exclusive NFTs! (NFTs will have various gamified functions on our platform as well!)

5. NFT contracts: (NFT farming event)
Boosted nfts rewards (22KEYs/day Royalties, backing, and more)

Once the nft boosters are live we will host a series of Rare and Exclusive DROPs.

Each verified creative can submit a series or collection to be featured and earn $ADORs. (22,222K $ADORs reserved)

As pooling grows we will introduce “WAVE/DROPS”, and will roll out our NFT boosters for extra rewards. There will also be a Monthly FEE COLLECTIBLE, designed by ADOR creators. (All holders of this NFT can earn from the platform fee pools.)

We will promote all creators fairly with a series of “WAVES & DROPS”. The waves will come first and have NFT boosters, rare partnered NFTs, and Creator collector cards available. Followed by a Featured DROP of the week.

A verified artist or company can freely mint on the ADOR platform. *There will be a secret chat room to promote artists directly to companies.

A. KD Rose x Prime x Fuller x Bystedt x Omb x Coal Miners Daughter — DROP

(Music, Art, Photography, fashion, games, and more)

After any “DROP”, the participating creator can Burn any leftover items, list in on our marketplace, or transfer items to their own wallet.

Once we launch our marketplace the platform fees will be 3% when using $KEYs & $ADORs, which shall be placed in reserve as well as shared with the Monthly FARMING FEE NFT HOLDERS! Our exclusive marketing items will have an even split with the ADOR platform and any creator. Also, any Gigs through ADOR will have a 6% fee when using $KEYs & $ADORs, placed in reserve as well as shared with our MFF HOLDERS. (More info on gigs will be released later.)

If you can not provide liquidity then use your other great talents to contribute and FARN $ADORs!

WE Thank you all for your continued support. We value the idea of creatives monetizing their skills globally and building a loving community at the same time.




Innovative Creationist

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