Bitcoin Pizza Party

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That’s right, a blockchain “BITCOIN” pizza party extravaganza!

Celebrating the one-year anniversary of The Rabbit Hole the best way we know how — “The Rabbit Hole” is co-hosting a BIG PARTY with our friends at Blockchain Beach. May 22 is Bitcoin Pizza Day — anniversary of the first real-world transaction with Bitcoin, and yes, there WILL be pizza! Over 500 attendees will witness the Crypto scene in a true loving and communal fashion.

There’s always a party going on inside the rabbit hole — and you are invited! “CLICK HERE” to register for event.

(Ticket includes food and refreshments.)

“PCDC Auction House” had the pleasure of consulting and creating a “RARE LEGACY DIGITAL ITEM” for this historic celebration… And you know we did not stop there. ENJIN, Crypto Gaming Company, has joined this movement as a sponsor, and Minted 200 EXCLUSIVE DIGITAL ITEMS for this special occasion. They will be providing tons of cool “Digital Giveaways”, in the name of “MASS AWARENESS & MASS ADOPTION”. Why is this so monumental?

Well the wave of the internet gave rise to mega companies like Google, Facebook and Apple, and blockchain will be the manifest destiny. With the globe now being digitally interconnected, it unknowingly makes space for innovation and disruption.

Behold, the birth of a #Rare Digital Collectible and a “NEW ERA!”

True digital ownership and exclusive creation can now be harnessed with blockchain technology. Artist can create one of a kind “RARE DIGITAL ART”, companies can create digital certificates and licenses to authenticate real world artwork and music”, Game platforms like “ENJIN” can create “ONE OF A KIND” Game items that can be used by and game developer globally… And a lot more.

We are just scratching the surface with digital value & rarity. New ideas are being created as we speak, and one we will feature today. With their innovative technology brands across the global can incentivize and digitize coupons, marketing materials and more.

Now we can let the games begin!

Enjin has created a gamified multiverse for their digital in-game items, and this same model can be applied to many industries! For this event we have numerous ways to rewards early adopters online or “IN REAL LIFE.”

Our Bitcoin Pizza event is free to attend in California and will use the “MULTIVERSE” concept to reward our audience! This means any partnering company can benefit from our global reach and reward their users with this new digital innovation.

If you want to join in the digital fun, step one is to Download the ENJIN wallet on your mobile phone. Be one of the 1st to obtain this “Limited Edition” item and reap the benefits you can acquire this during our PRESALE.

Currently they are 50% off! $15 (Top cryptos accepted) Join the PCDC AUCTION HOUSE: and grab one while you can, only 200 of these will ever be in existence and as long as you hold this in your ENJIN wallet you will be entered to win various crypto prizes.

If you attend the event you will be able to receive a Digital Gift at the door just by showing us this Digital Token.


#RAREDIGITALART: One winner selected

Crypto prize: (Value $30) One winner selected

Door Prizes: Show your Digital Token

Enjin Digital Game item: One winner selected

ENJIN COIN PRIZE: One winner selected

If you purchase online and can not attend the event you still will be able to win a $30 crypto prize or Some #raredigitalart.

Token goes on sale now and are 1st come 1st serve! We may decide to Auction a few as well to create another ENJIN COIN prize.

We will also reward our partner “Mv101” community by giving on “BPT” To a luck hoDLer!

Have fun and may the odds be in your favor…

Innovative Creationist

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