One of the most iconic collectibles is the Barbie Doll. I was a little surprised to see an eBay posting for this price…

But, then again I remember the saying “Somebody, Somewhere will deem anything they care for as valuable. I would not be surprised if someone had a million dollar prized “Rock Collection”; and yes crystals are rocks, they go for a pretty penny!

To understand why someone would collect or pay this much for an item, just ask yourself:

What do you care about?

What would you stand in line to buy?

What excites you? What’s your dream car?

You will begin to realize the world of collectibles and RARE finds!

I remember hearing about a “Legendary” Buffalo Nickle and always wanting to see one. Years past before on arrived in my pocket change. I told the universe that I wanted one and left it at that. When it finally arrived I was excited, and I gave it to my brother as a gift! At this moment I realized anything is possible and furthermore nothing is off limits, I was hooked!

Yes, collected stamps, sports cards, and comics you name it I wanted it! With the release of “Pokemon” This was my introduction to Collectibles 2.0, where I can now play and interact with the collectible cards!

Some now go for $40k+. I should go back and revisit my collect, but most likely they are lost, bend or ripped. This is one of the major flaws with physical collectible and assets that can only be solved digitally.

I loved Dragon Ball Z & Yughio even more! These cards and cartoons fueled my childhood imagination!

And it is incredible to see some of these SUPER RARE cards with million dollar price tags… Or priceless…lol

All this leads to the birth of a new type of collectible, where you can trade, sell collect, and store with ease! Introducing “Collectibles 3.0”

This new class of assets will allow anyone to play, store, manage and transfer with less of a headache! With the use of blockchain technology, popularized by “Bitcoin”, artists, individuals and companies can now reimagine how they connect with the world!

If I want to sell or send my art I can now create a unique digital Token, or “Non Fungible Token” and use this as a digital asset, that can be displayed, collected or sold online… Forever. The only maintenance is the internet & blockchain it's self. As any game or company looking to integrate my digital creations can do this seamlessly with their current digital model!

A new trend shows “Digital Assets” as a top search mention this year! Yes, interest is heading directly for this sector of the market!

Recently, NIKE submitted a “TRADEmark APP” for CRYPTOKICKS! This will be incredible for their global community and allow them to monetize & gamify their digital platform like never before! A partnership with Enjin Coin would put the cherry on top!

As the “Father of the Digital Kicks” and “Digital Fashion Designer” I love hearing news like this! Nike is the first of many to enter the Cryptocurrency space, and we all will redefine digital e-commerce!

Another major reason for this new type of collectible and digital assets has to do with the physical nature of valuables!

You only need a small usb drive to store trillions of value… While as shown in the image above, you will need your own personal “FORT KNOX” if you want to keep huge amounts of GOLD, or MONEY on hand. And if you want a bank or service to do this for you, it better be someone you trust with your first born…lol

I actually have my own Treasure HUNT. Here is the last hint:


If you solve this in time the PRIZE IS YOURS!



LOVE & Forgive — ART NFT (1ETH current value)

Aeonclipse Key — Enjin Multiverse Item (Can open a great chest soon)

MultiVerse item — (TBA)

And The 1st Cryptic MINTED NFT! (Crafting now)

Thanks for riding along on this journey with me! My next update will be a big one!

Innovative Creationist

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