Content Creation: A New Model for all!

Ever since the transition from 35mm film to digital content the “Pandora’s BOX” of consumable content has been peeled wide open. Platforms like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIN have all taken a unique approach to allow seamless connectivity between humans and technology.

Looking at the present day, we now have a “STREAM & CHILL” culture. Meaning, with one-click on a mobile device and anyone anywhere can watch their favorite show or influencer. Speaking of influencers, YouTube & Patreon have allowed a new way of life for individual content creators. Ten years ago, you could not sit in-front of your camera, apply make-up and talk to billions of people about current events; let alone ask your audience to pay $1/month for exclusive content. The Digital media industry as a whole has matured to something no one could have predicted..

But, with freedom of digital speech comes centralized censorship. Twitter & YouTube, major platforms where billions of users & creators play has decided to crack down on what is possible to share or upload on their accounts. YouTube has made it clear that you can no longer advertise to children, leaving companies and individuals at a stand still until they find a new sustainable way to monetize their audiences.. Where taking millions of dollars bottle-necked over night. And to add flames to the fire, a few major BlockChain channels have received strike and even BANs on their accounts for promoting illegal goods, funny right? Well, this new revenue stream provides a way of life for many, and is no laughing matter to them.

What needs to happen is clear, a dispersal of power & control on major digital media sites needs to go into action immediately!

CZ, lead of Binance said it right:

There needs to be a new model, just as “NEW MEDIA’ ushered in a new model from Traditional Media, which is still taking shape..

We are now at another major crossroad with the increased interest of user privacy, company transparency and secure connection; blockchain technology is like rocket-fuel for the next wave of life. While working on my own Blockchain solutions, for the past few years I have been closely watching a platform called “RHOVIT”, and they have a grand plan in the making. With an active, self-funded, content rewards platform; they may be on to something revolutionary!

Imagine a platform where the audience gets rewarded for watching their favorite videos and are able to collect digital art, game items and tickets from the feature content providers. Then being able to use those rewards as discounts to collect other items.. Amazing right?!

Well that’s not all, on the creator side influencers & companies get 100% payouts from all the viewer traffic they generate! Not to forget, cross-promotion of all the creators on the RHOVIT platform!

And lastly the RHOVIT marketplace resembles a reimagined kick-starter. Where developers & creators can launch a pre-sale page and give early supporters the chance to build their dreams alongside of them. With Paypal, & Cryptocurrency accepted the world now has access to participate in the platform sales.

So if someone was to piece together YouTube+Kickstarter+Patreon, that itself would be an amazing feat, and a platform worth supporting in my opinion.

I almost forgot, RHOAM, the game aspect to Rhovit that will tie in a treasure hunt from the profits that come from the platform. A major motto is “Share the fun & wealth with all”. Users can own a part of history with this RHOAM Founders gaming token!

Companies like WAX & Enjin have assisted in building a community where developers, users & companies can create digital items that have immediate real-world value!

You can try it out now and earn some $RBITS, their native Cryptocurrency that powers the rewards Ecosystem. Rhovit made the choice to use a NEM mosaic token, because they plan on using a system that can scale to Enterprise levels.. 50M plus user-base. There are great things in the pipeline that are key to the platforms expansion and “Mass Adoption” play.

What are you waiting for? Go grab an account and get your rewards now!

Innovative Creationist

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