Earn $ADORs and NFTs For Free: FARM iT!

This title is at the core of ADOR’s vision. By accumulating $ADORs you will be able to stake them and redeem exclusive NFTs on our platform. (all major auctions will use the $ADORs token).

Most creative individuals spend decades perfecting their craft, but they never learn sound business skills. This is why a platform dedicated to empowering even the most accomplished creatives will enlighten an entire generation and reveal how they can set up a sustainable long-term career path by putting their “VIRTUAL INVENTORY” to work.

How can you get $ADORs? Well, we are launching our EARLY SUPPORTER PROGRAM. This means for a small group of liquidity providers that lock UNI-v2 LP tokens on our platform will receive 300% APY for one year! Join HERE: https://bit.ly/ADORsLP

We will open the remaining pools once the quota is met for our 1-year program. We also have a few other ways to earn $ADORs based on an individual added value, read here.

The time has come for a new way to create, collect, and earn a living. Traditional ways of monetizing artwork, music, photography, or film have been one-sided for far too long.

Creator + Creation + Marketing + Collector + Platform=GREAT Career?

This may have been a simple recipe for success in the past, but now we are in the AGE of information & innovation. Merely creating and selling is not enough, especially when it provides for your lifestyle. As an artist, I had to get creative and learn how to set up passive & residual income streams that allow me to go offline any time I like. This is what any individual can aspire to achieve; freedom of time and space.

Now with smart contracts & DeFi incorporated into a marketplace, creators can expand their virtual inventory, promote their past works, and even get hired by clients that love their portfolio. All the while earning passive income if they choose to stake and participate in our network.

NEW EQUATION= Live & Create if you like!

Here are the steps to join the “EARLY SUPPORTER PROGRAM”

Step 1: Fill out our form — https://bit.ly/ADORsLP

Step 2: Once you have your $ADORs go here — https://bit.ly/adoruniv2lp

Based on the amount of $ADORs you have you will need to match the $ETH amount and “APPROVE IT”, them “SUPPLY IT”

Step 3. Go to our website and “APPROVE”

Step 4. Grab an “ADOR” NFT for more rewards! And Invite a friend.

There is a slippery slope when a creator decides to monetize their sacred talents. In order not to become a circus act or slave to your trade, one can detach their income streams from their personal output; meaning put your coins to work instead of your own labor. Creators can get burned out fast, but if they do have a long career hopefully they can live off the residual income that their craft has amassed.

A good question to ask is: Do all creatives get residuals? Do all artists get royalties? Do photographers get payouts for the life of their images or what about dancers? The beauty of blockchain technology and a public immutable ledger allows creators around the world to create digital provenance and sell virtual goods that can include lifetime royalties.

An incredible live performance can now last a lifetime as a digital file… But there isn't a way for the performers to capture the value of that virtual item; that is until now. Any performer or creative can now “MINT” a virtual token that represents their craft and transmute it into a virtual item with various utilities. We are true believers that human expression is priceless and this is what can truly unlock the blockchain collectibles industry for creators.


A. KD Rose x Prime x Fuller x Bystedt x Omb x Coal Miners Daughter — DROP

After any “DROP”, the participating creator can Burn any leftover items, list in on our marketplace, or transfer items to their own wallet.

Once we launch our marketplace the platform fees will be 6%, which shall be placed in a reserve as well as shared with our virtual item: “Monthly Platform Rewards” NFT Holders, (MPR NFT)! Designed by ADOR creators. (All holders of this NFT can earn from the platform fee pools.)

Our exclusive marketing items will have an even split with the ADOR platform and any creator that is selected. Any Gigs through ADOR will have a 6% fee that will be placed in reserve as well as shared with our MPR HOLDERS. (More info on gigs will be released later.)

As pooling grows we will introduce “WAVE/DROPS”, and will roll out our NFT boosters for extra rewards.

We will promote all creators fairly with a series of “WAVES & DROPS”. The waves will come first and have NFT boosters, rare partnered NFTs, and Creator collector cards available. Followed by a Featured DROP of the week.

NFT RARITY (perks will be revealed soon):


At ADOR we have an incredible lineup for our NFT releases. Our vision is to open the gates for traditional creators, well known or up and coming. As we get closer we will reveal the RARE and Exclusive virtual DROPs we have slated.

It is a remarkable feeling when you can do what you love and express yourself freely, but if you have an obligation to complete rigorous deadlines and sell work to provide for your lifestyle, this trap can drain the life force from an individual. Better put them coins to work, let your money and creations goto work 24/7 while you rest, and envision the type of life your desire to manifest during this time.

This is a call for all creators and their community to come together and build the “Metaverse” that has been introduced by BITCOIN & ETHEREUM!

So, what are you waiting for…?



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