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  • Trustworks Global

    Trustworks Global

    TrustX is 1st of its kind social app, designed to address few fundamental challenges.

  • Patrick Toner

    Patrick Toner

    Software developer, teacher, baseball fan. Right now I really like #ethereum. I think everything is going to be robots soon.

  • Josh Lawler

    Josh Lawler

    Josh Lawler is a partner at Zuber Lawler whose practice focuses on mergers & acquisitions, securities law and technology transactions.

  • BRAVO Pay

    BRAVO Pay

    The payment application built for a new generation that demands simplicity, privacy, speed & low fees in transactions. Visit trybravo.com to find out more!

  • Xen Baynham-Herd

    Xen Baynham-Herd

    Chief Operating Officer @Blockchain. Twitter: @XenBH

  • e-Money A/S

    e-Money A/S


  • Lauren Hallden

    Lauren Hallden

    Lead Product Designer at @stitch_data, creator of Online Dating Ipsum, @alonelyproject & @phillydayhiker. Everything else is at http://laurenhallden.com

  • Haardik


    Blockchain, AI, Longevity, Consciousness

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