Gachapon Exp

2020 is the first-ever creative experiment of the Virtual Renaissance X (VRX), organized by ADOR. GachaPon is an opportunity for artists and collectors to experience a community-centered curation event around unique, limited-edition works that can take art further into this next digital frontier.


GPX is the 1st of an international series of events for numerous artists and collectors alike.

There are 2 ways to enter:

Method #1: complete four steps, share the designated Tweet and fill out this form: HERE

  • Purchase a GPX NFT and the 1st 111 will receive an exclusive 3D Mint!


GPX NFT — 90% chance at winning


The Gachapon concept :

Gachapon is an old Japanese classic known around the world. Many children today still clamor at prize machines that accept coins. We are placing a virtual spin on this. There are 1111 GPX NFTs to be purchased here: GPX NFT

GachaPon Exp : (ADOR x 幽林)

Innovative Creationist