Gachapon Exp

These events will highlight artists and their talents, along with onboarding traditional artists into the realm of NFTs / BlockChainArt — without any limitations to minting techniques.

Thanks to the artist community, Hidden Grove (幽林), 5% of proceeds of the event will be donated into the official and public account to purchase community art/support new and upcoming artists & 5% will go to the ADOR GIVES acceleration program.


The first Genesis Event will have 20+ artists who will mint rare NFTs, which will available to win. These artists are known as the GENEsis creators for the VRX.

There are 2 ways to enter:

Method #2: Purchase a “GachaPon EXP NFT” this allows for one chance to SPIN & WIN. We have added a bonus chance to win by clicking: HERE (ADOR OPENs) ***ONE GPX ENTRY PER WALLET***

We are LIVE. (ENDS 11.11.2020)

All users holding the GPX NFTs in their purchasing wallet will immediately be entered in the drawing to win!


All participating artists will randomly select the winners, currently 100 possible exclusive prizes! The GENEsis creatives. (A snapshot of all artists participating has been recorded).

  • **NOVEMBER UPDATE***: We have now included the WAX community in our NFT event:
  • Purchase a GPX NFT and the 1st 111 will receive an exclusive 3D Mint!

We are all excited to see what everyone will win. Good luck!


FREE ENTRY — 10% chance at winning

ADOR OPEN NFT — (Bonus Entry)


The Gachapon concept :

Rules to enter:

Purchase or Share to win! Obtain a GachaPon NFT on the verified site: HERE

Hold the GPX NFT in the wallet used at the time of purchase for 7 days until 10/26/2020.

After the final SPIN, all participating GENEsis artists will randomly select five winners each — currently 100 possible winners (20 artist x 5 winners)


GachaPon Exp : (ADOR x 幽林)

ADOR NFT contract used to sell GachaPON NFT- 0xcf88cff8f98994343f37bc4ec60448c20f0c917e

ADOR & HiddenGrove presents: GachaPon Exp. (GPX). + a little surprise for all who enter!

“GachaPon Exp_”

Innovative Creationist