Glitch Goons Gaming Guide

Its Time for a CRYPTO-GAME revolution! Glitch Goons has created a FREE, Multichain, PvP game that will test your skill and strategy! And even more exciting you can power-up and FULLY own your characters, decentralized gaming at its finest!

You will not be able to “Pay 2 Win” this game, more strategy and thought will have to go into your battle choices for you to and earn the number one spot!

First things 1st: Registration

Create your online account:

Once logged in and verified you can link your Ether & Eos account.

Click “My Account, Then My wallets” Here you can sync your Crypto accounts

If you do not have any idea what crypto is, no worries. You do not need it to play or win in this game. But if you would like to enter the decentralized world and level up to pure invincible awesomeness, then start with metamask to create an ETHER wallet:

And for EOS you can use one of the 3rd party sites as well:

Now you should download the App on android devices:

Once this is said and done you can click on the settings wheel, in-app on your phone and sync your account to the web version.

It may take awhile, but once synced you can now begin to battle and enhance your Goon!

Now here is where it gets really exciting! You can compete in the “QUICK Tournament” to get CHESTS that will come filled with goodies you can use to power up and receive new weapons.

This is where the crypto open market for items comes in handy! You can purchase items on OPENSEA!

After you get the hang of this you can enter the “IRON & BRONZE LEAGUES”. Also know that the battles are on auto-pilot. You do not have to press any buttons, also there is an AUTO button to finish the fight for you and show the final results.

The leagues are where you get mighty power-ups to fuel your way to the top!

In Game Currency

You will also want to take note on the two in-game currency units. The “S” cash is used to power-up every in-game item. You earn these free after each battle you win, unless stated otherwise. Secondly the “GC” coins can be purchased, and you can use these coins to open more chests as well as buy more “S cash”

These are the two top favorite fighters! One is quick and the other is lucky…

I do not use them though, I like to levitate. You must pay close attention to the attributes on the items to really gain the winning edge on any opponent!

Have fun and try as many combinations as possible!

Each item has a specific rank and power. I can’t wait to get more in my arsenal!

What are you waiting for? Join NOW!

PS. There will be a PVP battle where you can bet and win GC coins! This is really what I am waiting for!!

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