Guardians of the Crytpo Galaxy — The Hunt is on!

Be the change you wish to see in your world…

With numerous individuals seeking a way, the “Light Bearer” has opened the portal for the Guardians to step through.

This valiant group will aim to raise the bar in crypto!

The QR will be released after her “Infinite Keys” have been acquired by the community… Join us in telegram to grab a KEY!

**ALL VIP will get Future Airdrops KEYS**


***Also her special “Lantern of Light” will reveal its self as well! Only ten will be able to possess this NFT.

Note: Each Guardian will have their own unique attributes.

The community can be hands-on and announce a new creation of a Guardian.

Ultimately this lead to a path of “TRUST AS A SERVICE”

We champion a fun & safe environment.

Have fun collecting them to find out what is at the end of the tunnel

Properties for the Treasure Trove:

This entity is multidimensional… It can pop in and out of existence at will. Even if you have all three items you will still need to enter the portal at the right moment… 11.11 The portal will appear once all items have unlocked its properties!

There will be more Guardians to reveal themselves with time… Collect them all if you dare!

•***All will lead to a major reveal***


  1. Key sale event
  2. Qr-DROP unlocked
  3. Lantern auction
  4. Treasure portal open
  5. Claim at right time

Innovative Creationist

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