ADOR- LTE opens because human expression is essential.

What we mean by this is the curious & creative nature of humanity needs to thrive daily in order for life to have a high quality and meaningful life.


The traditional art, fashion, film, dance, and music industry models are not set up in favor of the creators; also the GIG economy needs a new angle for entrepreneurs to thrive sovereignly. ADOR aims to be a digital alternative for traditional and virtual creators looking to build their online presence, residual income, and “Virtual Inventory”.

Foundational Layer:

$ADORs — The ADOR platform will have multiple uses and require all users to obtain and/or stake the native token $ADORs. This will give way to steady demands of the token an trading fees. We can reward platform users each month with these fees based on the NFTs they hold in their wallet. We can also reward liquidity providers with trading fees on UNISWAP as well as our “EARLY SUPPORTER” LOCK EVENT.

Circulating Supply: 15,555 pending (Early Supporter Event, Devs, Marketing, Acquire Artist)

Total Supply: 99k (ETHERSCAN)


12.3% pool for early supporters (approx. 12,321 $ADORs)

20% pool for Creators (approx. 18k $ADORs)

30% pool for Farming (approx. 30k $ADORs)

10% pool for Community & brand awareness (approx. 10k $ADORs)

22% pool for development and partnerships (approx. 20k $ADORs)

2.5% pool for Acceleration & Assistance (approx. 2.5k $ADORs)

2.5% pool for Expansion (approx. 2.5k $ADORs)

Remaining $ADORs pooled for vault/reserve (approx. 2700 $ADORs)

Our immediate goal is to lock 100–500ETH for $ADORs — UNISWAP pairing. We will hold exclusive NFT sales after this!

We have been working in this new virtual industry for the past four years. Just recently have we ramped up BRAND AWARENESS and organic community growth.

Here is our immediate ROADMAP:

PHASE 0. Early Supporter “Fair Token Launch”

PHASE 1. $ADORs Token Farming — Liquidity & Community

PHASE 2. NFT minting

PHASE 3. NFT Farming, Marketplace, Artist profiles and “Waves & Drops”

PHASE 4. Gigs, auctions & bids; creator minting contracts

PHASE 5. ADORLAND & Adorables

PHASE 6. Scale & Adoption

We see the need to have a solid community and token, as an essential foundation for ADOR’s success!

TEAM — Mark Savage, Lead Manager; Morgan Steckler, Liaison + Advisor; Scott Holiday, Marketing; Star Wise, Dev team; Sunday, Community Leader; Yolotron, Editor; Crypto-MAN, PR


PARTNERS: MoneyGuru, Artisia, Opensea, Grow Your Base




Innovative Creationist

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Innovative Creationist

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