Trustworks X ADOR 5/1/21 AMA Recap

For the ADOR Community,

Here is an AMA that took place in telegram on 5/1/21. The transcript below is unedited and can be found directly in the ADORs chat for review.

The AMA was successful and informed the opposing community about all things Trustworks, just as ADORs did in our community a day prior. Please take a look below and feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the AMA!

Here is the full copy, following the TRUSTWORKS ama from 4/30/2021

Mark Savage:
Hi, all we have muted for a moment while we host the ama!

Meet @RJTrustworks a true revolutionary individual!

We have the pleasure of learning more about Trustworks and its vision.

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Hello, community. Thanks for having us !!

Mark Savage:
So glad for you to be here with us today!

We had an incredible AMA with your community yesterday.

Let’s jump in!

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Thanks, Mark it was incredible!


Mark Savage:
Can you share your thoughts and feelings on the current Nft industry…

Where does Trustworks fit in?

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Yes sure. We see disruption everywhere in all facets of the NFT landscape.

We see great founders and great projects, and the beauty of innovation depends on what role they all play in the process of evolution.

We are in the infancy moment, all of us are bearers of the NfT revolution and we all have a part to play.

From day one, Trustworks focuses on empowering the masses, not just a few. Our community inclusion framework; governance, and passive income framework and all points at our innovative business model of growing together.

There is no match to freedom of thought and expression through creative skills. With our social app TrustX, we would like our users to create their own economy, generate their own income capital stream, and be financially free.

Mark Savage:

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
TrustX is destined to become a platform that will empower our daily users and equip them with the tools they need to grow in the adaptable business networks of the 21st century.

Mark Savage:
What a great vision!

And congratulations on your progress so far!

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Thank you, Mark.

We are only starting :)

Mark Savage:

Can you share some details on Trustworks ecosystem?

Tokens, governance and so on

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):

Our ecosystem works on 3 pillars

Trust tokens
DAO Governance NfTs
Passive Income

Trust tokens

Trust in our ecosystem is the utility token, which will be used for transactions of all sorts. For example, bid, buy, endorse, boost, etc

DAO Governance NfTs

Our NfTs work as our governance system.

For the next 3 months starting from April

We will be releasing 30 NfTs on our farm

Trust holders need to farm those NfTs from our farm by staking their trust. Minimum is 100 and max is 2,500 $Trust.

This campaign is live and running till our beta app is launched

Those who collect 30 NfTs and hold them with 100 Trust can participate in our DAO mechanics and vote for key decisions on the future of TrustX. Basically, they have a voice and they can vote to fire me too :)

Passive Income

We have a maximum number of 1000 DAO participants. So only 1000 copies of each NfTs

Holders of DAO will earn with the growth of the APP indefinitely …. there is a fee of 1.5% in the app on all transactions

1% goes to Trustworks Foundation.

0.5% goes to DAO participants

Let’s grow together!

I would like to take the opportunity and share with the ADOR community what is TrustX

It's a first-of-its-kind social app infused with NfT minting technology with a click. no coding skills needed. This is our V1 (MVP) releasing at the end of June on google playstore for beta testing

In Q3, we are going for design tools to equip our users with cutting edge tech

Not everyone is a designer, but we all have inspirations.

We have our very own bridge ERC 20 <-> Bep 20 coming out on 15th May

eTrust is listing on Uniswap on 10th May

On the 15th of May, we are listing on social exchange and going for a month of promotions with our Chinese community

Mark Savage:

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Thank you, Mark.

Mark Savage:
This is a lot to take in, and much needed

The vision is clear!

@RJTrustworks what are the major upcoming goals, and will the app be ready for beta testers?

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Our current focus and goals are to include crypto and non-crypto skills in our ecosystem where they can showcase their talents.

For this, we are currently partnering with like-minded projects and involving some of the biggest names inside and outside the crypto space.

This will ignite the fire needed to empower everyone.

Mark Savage:

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
TrustX app will be out for beta testing by the end of June (Q2). By organizing these events, We are creating a layer of early adopters who will be part of our beta launch.

Once their feedback is taken, we will optimize our platform and open it for the general public in July or August.

Mark Savage:
Very exciting

How do you feel about the new partnership with ADOR? What value does this offer your community?

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Yes sure. Exciting!

We feel our synergies are aligned. Both our organizations have a clear objective i.e. global empowerment. We believe this is a start to something truly special and not yet seen in the crypto world.

As Mark @marksavage always says :) It's time to alchemize this crypto-space and deliver a true omnipresent offering!

Mark Savage:
Where do you see Trustworks a year from now? Can you scale up?

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Well, we are not only moving, but we are also moving fast.

In the coming weeks, we will be executing our strategies and will be scaling up to stand with some of the biggest projects in the crypto space 🙏

In order to achieve that, we have lined a 2-year vision and all our activities and steps we take are our mission to achieve our vision. We are aligned!

Mark Savage:

Thanks for this information

I’m sure everyone truly appreciates it

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Thank you so much for this !!

Mark Savage:
@FullmetalMagdaleneXO how do you like the Nft space?

Fullmetal Magdalene:
I think it’s really cool and it’s showing to be really innovative

Mark Savage:
@RJTrustworks to you, what you think of the style she brings as a creator?

Yes, technology is allowing us all to be expansive!

@FullmetalMagdaleneXO what would you want to see more of in this Nft space?

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Mind-blowing 🔥

@FullmetalMagdaleneXO style is a true depiction of Orgasmic Chakra imo !!

Fullmetal Magdalene:
I want to see more NFTs with greater use cases than just being sold for a higher price. That’s what intrigued me about Trustworks

Thank you, RJ🙏🥰

Mark Savage:
Well said

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Creativity to the masses 💪

Mark Savage:
@FullmetalMagdaleneXO you are creating some divine characters for this “Orgasmic Chakra Drop”!

How do you feel about this event?

Fullmetal Magdalene:
I’m excited and grateful to be a part of the event, and I’m looking forward to seeing the submissions from other artists. The theme is right up my alley 😊

Mark Savage:
So beautiful

Now we will begin the community twitter Q&A

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
@FullmetalMagdaleneXO your presence in the event is so inspiring for our up-and-coming artists. Thanks for that!

Mark Savage:
@FullmetalMagdaleneXO thanks so much for all you are doing!

You empower us all!


Fullmetal Magdalene:
My pleasure! Thank you guys for including me in this awesome project❤

Mark Savage:
@RJTrustworks you can post the questions and answers now!

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Okay sure

Question 1 — How does @Trustworks_NfT compare to many Social Apps offering crypto as a reward, and why would investors choose it over other Social Apps crypto-based? @airdropkaya

We are not a crypto trading social app neither a crypto app. We are a social app infused with NfT minting technology. And innovation does not end here :)

QUESTION 2-What will users be able to do in this first version of the app?
What are the next steps for TrustX? What is the brightest scenario you wish to reach in the future with TrustX? @v_thorkell

1st version of the app includes social networks and NFT minting technology from your smartphone.

The brightest scenario would be to add value for our users. We are building a service platform with innovation at its heart. The beauty of our app lies in its simplicity. our core focus is to deliver a simple TikTok-style app that empowers you to mint NfTs. We have hired a team of UI/UX leads who are simplifying the technical jargon and trying to give our users a sense of ease.

Questions 3: Do you have any plan to expand TRUSTWORK from BSC to more blockchain like ERC-20,MATIC ? @itricks3

Yes, we are listing on Uniswap on the 10th of May as eTrust. Then on 15th, we are listing on

Our ERC 20 <-> Bep 20 bridge is going live on 15th May.

Question 4 — What are the ways that #trustwork generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model? How can it benefit win-win to both investors and your project?

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Our revenue model is the service fee of 1.5% on all transactions

Question 5 — Could you tell me a little bit about Your roadmap going forward, how do you plan onboarding users and gaining more adoption for Your project ?. What would we expect in the future?

You can expect 🔥

Please review our roadmap on our website

Question 6 — After this partnership is over, what can we expect from future events, on TrustWorks behalf? After the launch of TrustX there will be other events such as this? If so, give us a tidbit of what to expect.

We are going all-in with the events. This would be our year-round activity, onboarding talents.

Question 7 — I want to know your strategy for your community, if you have any, for building a strong community?. Do you agree that the power of the community will lead your project to develop globally?

We are following the DAO model for governance, creating a truly decentralized work environment.

Question 8 — Can you list some great features of Trustworks that make it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

Remember, we are a social app infused with NfT minting technology.

Question 9 — Could you tell us more about the unique social app called ‘’TrustX’’ app? What are the key features within the app and elaborate on the utility of the $TRUST token?

Great question. TrustX is empowering people and Trust tokens are our utility tokens, which will be used for transactions of all sorts.

Question 10 — Do you guys have any plans to collaborate with various local community groups for promoting your project?

We have plans to collaborate with any project having the same vision and service of empowering people. Together @marksavage and ADOR we will integrate other projects too.

Thanks, Mark — 10 questions


Mark Savage:
Thank you so much!!!!

Chat is now open for small chat

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):
Thank you so much for this opportunity @marksavage amazing community and great leader !!

Sure guys feel free to visit us on our telegram group. Let's get together !!

Mark Savage:
Please share the link

RJ Trustworks (Will Never DM 1st):


Innovative Creationist