Gachapon Exp

2020 is the first-ever creative experiment of the Virtual Renaissance X (VRX), organized by ADOR. GachaPon is an opportunity for artists and collectors to experience a community-centered curation event around unique, limited-edition works that can take art further into this next digital frontier.

These events will highlight artists and their talents, along with onboarding traditional artists into the realm of NFTs / BlockChainArt — without any limitations to minting techniques.

Thanks to the artist community, Hidden Grove (幽林), 5% of proceeds of the event will be donated into the official and public account to purchase community art/support new and upcoming…

Trustworks X ADOR 5/1/21 AMA Recap

For the ADOR Community,

Here is an AMA that took place in telegram on 5/1/21. The transcript below is unedited and can be found directly in the ADORs chat for review.

The AMA was successful and informed the opposing community about all things Trustworks, just as ADORs did in our community a day prior. Please take a look below and feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the AMA!

Here is the full copy, following the TRUSTWORKS ama from 4/30/2021

Mark Savage:
Hi, all we have muted for a moment while we host the ama!


It has been a wild year and NFTs have been the talk of the town. Everyone wants to make them, some want to collect them, but most of these virtual items sell out before you can get to the webpage.

This is where loyalty and VIP perks come into play. All ADOR Drops will be announced to the community first, (later we will create a VIP room for serious collectors.

We have a robust list of creators minting their first pieces and want to give a great curative experience.


First up PHREE NATION & ADOR presents: Dr…

Its been an exciting roller-coaster the past year, we all are staying safe and sound physically and mentally…

As we predicted, the virtual collectible space has seen some incredible growth and recognition in a short time, with way more space to grow! The trend seems to be as each reputable artist, company or creator enters the Blockchain space more and more records are shattered; raising the confidence and expectation BAR even higher in this industry.

Our 1st collaborative concept exceeded our expectations! We minted an NFT, (non-fungible token), with crypto influencer “MoneyGuru”, 100 of these NFTs sold at 1ETH price…

We are ecstatic about the public response to our Farming event! Here is the most recent conversation with an enthusiastic supporter!

Early Supporter:

Do you have any plans to make more people know about ADOR?

Team ADOR:

Yes! We have PR and organic marketing strategies lined up this month and next quarter.

Early Supporter:

I am very interested… How do I know this platform will succeed?

Team ADOR:

Our vision is 100 years and beyond! We know for true success our dedication and innovation will lead us to victory. We have an experienced DEV team, strategic partners, and a trend-setting manager that aims to place us in front of the current competition!

Early Supporter:

What is the major benefit of ADOR-LP farming?

Team ADOR:

Well, we set aside a nice 300% APY bonus…

This title is at the core of ADOR’s vision. By accumulating $ADORs you will be able to stake them and redeem exclusive NFTs on our platform. (all major auctions will use the $ADORs token).

Most creative individuals spend decades perfecting their craft, but they never learn sound business skills. This is why a platform dedicated to empowering even the most accomplished creatives will enlighten an entire generation and reveal how they can set up a sustainable long-term career path by putting their “VIRTUAL INVENTORY” to work.

How can you get $ADORs? Well, we are launching our EARLY SUPPORTER PROGRAM. This…

ADOR- LTE opens because human expression is essential.

What we mean by this is the curious & creative nature of humanity needs to thrive daily in order for life to have a high quality and meaningful life.


The traditional art, fashion, film, dance, and music industry models are not set up in favor of the creators; also the GIG economy needs a new angle for entrepreneurs to thrive sovereignly. ADOR aims to be a digital alternative for traditional and virtual creators looking to build their online presence, residual income, and “Virtual Inventory”.

Foundational Layer:

$ADORs — The…

Innovation welcome…

Token Debut:

Official contract “0x099f95b0694A0D808f7C6c46A621f4E5E5E36dF5”

We are proud to say that our Lovely Developers have returned safely from the protests and riots, and we can now continue progress with our platform. We have decided to mint an erc20 token: 99,999 $ADORs and no more will ever be created.


Because the human expression is essential and because the traditional art, fashion, film, and music industry models are not set up in favor of the creators; also the GIG economy needs a new angle for entrepreneurs to thrive sovereignly. …

We are building a virtual ecosystem for creatives around the globe!

P2P markets will allow online integration to reach their fullest potential.

Here is a curated list of simple “must haves” to enter the crypto space and thrive!

This app is easy to use like VENMO & Cash app.. But better! You can get free crypto for referring friends to use, AND you get rewards for sending payments to each other EACH TIME! THE MORE TIMES YOU SEND, THE MORE YOU GET REWARDED! **WIN-WIN**


Innovative Creationist

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